Why not experience the thrill and exhilaration of a driven bird simulated game day? These take place all over Presaddfed Estate; using the flushing points of our winter game shooting days.

Your day will begin with a welcoming breakfast bap & drink in our Shooting Cabin. Then we travel out across the Estate for your first drive, as with a normal day your drive will start at the sound of the horn. Along with your fellow shooters you will wait with anticipation for the sight of the first bird (clay) to appear in the sky then as you take your first shot a sudden flush of birds appear; can you reload fast enough? The excitement and adrenalin flow as the “show” of birds continues, finally ending with a mass flush followed by the sound of the hunting horn, signalling the end of the drive! Time now to let your barrels cool down, also to compare your success and shooting prowess with your friends, before moving on to the next drive.

A number of options are available to you as to the number of drives you require and the type of day you would like. Additional drives may be added to suit your requirements.

½ day including breakfast, buffet lunch & 3 drives £75 / Person
Full day including breakfast, buffet lunch, afternoon tea & 6 drives £130 / Person





Minimum of 6 people (ask if you are on your own as we often get parties looking to make up numbers). Cartridges are not included, but can be purchased from us at discounted prices. Fibre wad cartridges only and we suggest you will need 175 cartridges for a half day and 250-400 cartridges for a full day. As you will be walking around the estate, we recommend that you wear stout footwear/Wellingtons as many of the fields may be muddy & have livestock on them.